Kirk Wolfinger

Featured Producer/Director

Kirk Wolfinger, has worked in the film industry for 23 years. Kirk has produced and directed numerous critically acclaimed documentary programs presented nationally and internationally on all the major networks.

Most recent work includes Executive Producing and Directing 35 1x60 episodes of History Channel's Deep Sea Detectives and a 2 hour marquee special for THC Titanic's Final Moment's : Missing Pieces. Other recent broadcast credits include a two-hour History Channel special based on Gene Krantz' book Failure Is Not An Option, with a sequel Beyond the Moon. Also a NOVA special Ancient Refuge In The Holy Land. Other Lone Wolf productions for NOVA include To The Moon and Hitler's Lost Sub. The latter became the inspiration for the bestseller Shadow Divers. In 2003 he did Ravens: Secret War In Laos for Discovery Times. Mayday: Lost At Sea and Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack for National Geographic Specials.

In 2002 Wolfinger and Rocky Collins won a National Emmy for their NOVA/New York Times production of Bioterror. The pair were nominated the next year for their NOVA, Dirty Bomb.

While working with Varied Directions International, Kirk served as Series Producer and Director for Turner's highly acclaimed original series, Moon Shot: The Inside Story of America's Race to the Moon. In addition he also produced Portrait of Castro's Cuba for TBS, and two episodes of the PBS series Making Sense of the Sixties. Some of Kirk's later work at Varied Directions include Submarine!, Daredevils of the Sky, Titanic's Lost Sister, Battle Alert In The Gulf, The Beast of Loch Ness and Lincoln's Secret Weapon, all created for WGBH's series, NOVA.

Wolfinger has won two Emmy's , has five Emmy nominations and a Peabody Award in addition to the American Film Festival Blue Ribbon and the Independent Documentary Association award.

Lone Wolf Documentary Group was founded in 1997 by Kirk and Lisa Wolfinger. Over the past nine years they have assembled a terrific team of talented professionals who have a passion for filmmaking and a desire to live and work in a place that sustains that desire. No film he has made gives him as much satisfaction as this Company he and Lisa helped to create.

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